Expats: Our objective is not to find you a house, but to make you feel at home...

People from around the world come to live and work in The Hague and their contribution is vital to the success of many companies and governmental organizations such as OPCW, ICC, The International Court of Justice and Europol.

Companies will try to ensure that their stay, whether long or short term, is as stress free as possible for both employees and company alike. 

Meesters Makelaars specialises in all aspects of relocation for staff coming to the Netherlands by assessing the needs and expectations of both the employer and the individual (and his family) by developing a personal plan to ensure a successful transition to 'make you feel at home'. If you are interested in more details, then do not hesitate to contact us on +31 (0)6 280 240 77.

Wat doet de markt en waarom? En wat doet u?

Marktprijzen van woningen worden bepaald door vraag en aanbod. Overheidsmaatregelen en rentestanden hebben grote invloed hierop, met als resultaat dat prijzen stijgen of juist dalen. Het is aan u om te bepalen wat u met deze informatie doet. Meesters adviseert u graag.